MEGA Created in March 2011

Back in 1990, hopeful property developers built a space-ship shaped restaurant on the side of the A14 motorway near Peterborough. This restaurant was called Megatron.

At age 9, Bryony Kimmings remembers the hysteria this Mecca of overpriced hamburgers, complete with touch screen ordering systems and robot waiters, brought to her little town. The lasting memory, however, was its sad demise.

Bryony Kimmings invites you to become her 9-year-old self, pull on a pink shellsuit, grab a Walkman and embark on a trip down memory lane. This is a coming of age tale of one hot summer, schoolgirl dreams and those 'growing up' moments when the magnificent becomes the mundane.


“This trippy time travel experience is so engaging that I was briefly tempted to chuck away my pen and throw some shapes” Evening Standard