Bryony Kimmings Workshops




Autobiographical Theatre Workshop Week Dates:

3rd - 7th October


Times: 10-4pm

Location:  The Studio, 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton BN2 3PF


Making A Baby: Live Creation Session:

26th June

Times:  10-5pm





About Autobiographical Theatre Workshop Weeks:

Are you about to make a new show and feel stuck at where to start?


Are you wondering why your degree never taught you how to actually make things?


Are you keen to go back to the roots of your artistic passion after a break/set back?


Then this is the week for you!


Join multi award winning autobiographical theatre maker Bryony Kimmings for a week- long, pain free, intensive course focused on autobiographical theatre making, self care and artist development.


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A selected group of 18 artists will delve deep into a positive week of performance theory, creation techniques and critical conversation with Bryony Kimmings.


Kimmings offers a full run-down of her making process detailing how to create watertight and interesting concepts, avoid creative blocks and self-doubt whilst preparing you for creative lift off with a wide range of practical tools to use in your own work.


Suitable for theatre makers, dancers, performance artists, graduates, writers, cabaret stars, circus bods: anyone who wants to move into telling their own stories or needs a refresh!


You don’t need to come with a ready made idea; you will spend the week coming up with umpteen new shows, titles, narrative arcs, and loads of material. The week ends with an informal and uplifting sharing session and signposting for the future.


To apply


Please send a short statement as to why this is the workshop for you  right now and indicate which workshop week you'd like to book onto to


£350 to be paid on booking. (Non-refundable but I can usually find someone to take people’s place if they have to pull out!)


Previous Alumni Testimonies


“Kimmings is a brilliant artist but she also has a fantastic knack for sharing her skills. If there are any magnificent ideas lying around in the sub-strata, this week-long series of kinetic exercises and mental expeditions will root them out.”
Workshop participant 2016


“The week of workshops was fantastic and helpful beyond anything I could have expected. Bryony gave us practical tactics to combat writers’ and creative blocks of all kinds, whilst being so generous and supportive of our individual passions and needs. And music and dancing!”

Workshop participant 2017


“The ideas you leave with are a million times bigger and more actionable than anything you dreamed of at the start of the week.”

Workshop participant 2019


"Bryony Kimming’s Workshop Week is absolutely fantastic. Bryony held the space with incredible care and created a truly supportive space for us all to share and create. I left the week feeling inspired, invigorated and empowered to enter my next creative process. Whether you have a creative idea that you want to develop, or are just in need of a refresh, I highly recommend joining Bryony’s residency."

Workshop participant 2021




About Making A Baby: Live Creation Session with Bryony Kimmings

Are you an artist? A writer? A creative? A maker? Do you love getting noodly, technical and honest about how art works are created? How to change life stories into living breathing experiences for audiences? How to cross that tricky line from telling to showing ? I bloody do.


Talking about, as well as teaching, “craft” is one of my pure joys! I’ve spent my 15 year career teaching people how to make shows as well as creating many of my own.


I haven’t made a live work since 2018; when I created “I’m a Phoenix, Bitch”. I was then, and always have been, very open about my creative process. I talk online, with other artists and students whilst making. But more integrally to the works creation, I also test the work at all stages with real life audiences and gather detailed written feedback to help shape the work. To be sure what I intend to do to my audiences, is happening.


I find myself at the lovely, wobbly, fizzy moment where I am about to embark on a new live show. I am creating a work for BAC’s Grand Hall. A space very dear to my heart. It will open in October 2023. When making a show I always begin with a short Research and Development period to delve into the kernel of an idea. Far in advance, with no promise of finality or definite answers. But rather to think around my subject matter, my themes, my story and explore and develop the creative tools I think I might use in my studio when I embark on my longer creative process. It’s an exciting and terrifying time in equal measure.


This time around, I want to let people into this process. It feels in the spirit of my practice to do so. And having been in hibernation for so many years I want to connect with my community and share what I know (for a small reasonable fee!)... in the hope others will take something for their own practice from it.


I want to show you, in a true practical sense, what it looks like as I begin a new creative project. Using the processes and exercises I teach to attack my own story. I often wish I had a living example of creation when I teach. We might use one of my old works or make one up in order to illustrate the techniques I’m teaching… this is the next level of that!


This is a days session on Zoom from inside my writing room/studio. Watch me explain my exercises, processes and thinking as I interrogate how to tell my story on the stage... LIVE!




Having desperately tried to figure out who I am and why I behave and think as I do has been demonstrated publicly throughout my career. From my sex life, my relationship with alcohol and drugs, to my family, my loves, my mental health... it’s all been on display. Last year I got diagnosed with ADHD. At 40 this truly revolutionised my life. It allowed me access to my interior world that had thus far alluded me. I want to tell the story of this journey.


The working title is: ADHD-IVA #1


You can work alongside me doing the exercises for your own work as we go along, or indeed sit back and watch! At the end I will send you a work sheet of exercises for yourself. And if it goes nicely... we might do it throughout the whole show making process.