Created in June 2011, Toured until June 2012

Bryony Kimmings is not an alcoholic, but she has always had a rocky relationship with booze. It seems the dark stuff is intrinsically linked to her confidence as an artist as well as to blame for her most genius and most hideous creations.


From Jackson Pollock to Amy Winehouse, from Oscar Wilde to Charlie Sheen, everyone’s on something... but why? From the Total Theatre Award-winning creator of Sex Idiot comes a hilarious and moving one-woman show investigating the historical links between artists and mind enhancing drugs.

Two parts song and dance routine, one part breakdown with a twist of sobering reality for good measure, the show follows Bryony as she cracks open her own creative psyche with the help of a film-maker, a team of scientists, carers and an IT expert. Created solely from material made during a seven-day experiment, in which Bryony was kept in various states of scientific drunkenness. Performed sober.

The 7 Day Drunk Documentary DVD
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“A riotous ride”
Evening Standard

“Delivered with self-aware wit and a whole lot of glitter. Get it down you!”
Time Out, Critic's Choice

“One part sobering social critique, three parts DIY glitterf*ck... A funny, sad, daft and entirely convincing experience.”

“A glitter-spewed dazzler of a performance... utterly magnetic Kimmings”
Remote Goat


Time Out
The Star


This extensive blog catalogues the entire experiment from start to finish!